The new Kino Workshop website is online!

29 May 2020

The new Kino Workshop website is online!

The new Kino Workshop website is online!

Date: 29 may 2020

Kino Workshop challenges the crisis and launches the new institutional website, at the same time as the publication of a unique opportunity for Italian citizens affected by the depth of the current crisis:


Anyone wishing to take advantage of or better understand this NEW DECREE, can consult the technicians of Kino Workshop, available to support you throughout the project and construction process.

Kino Workshop will be your only contact person to obtain the best possible result from the tools contained in the legislation. It will also guide you in every single aspect of the construction process of the work including, in addition to the integrated design, also all the construction aspects of the intervention:
– finishes
– installations
– fixtures
– lighting

As specified in article 119 of “D.L. Rilancio”, starting from 1 July 2020, it will be possible to make our homes more comfortable, absolutely efficient and equipped with all the useful systems for a sustainable future …


Kino Workshop will be at your disposal to manage the entire regulatory complex from a technical, executive and economic point of view.



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