Oria, dashes of light

7 September 2020

Oria, dashes of light

Oria, dashes of light

Date: 7 september 2020

In a small but delightful apartment designed by azestudio, a few steps from the historic center of Oria (BR), Kino Workshop is taking care of the lighting design, using and supplying symmetrical and asymmetrical recessed lamps produced by arkos light, of which the Kino studio Workshop is the sole agent.

The synergy between the 2 studios is a concrete testimony of the philosophy of Kino Workshop, a studio open to collaborations and partnerships.

In the images, which represent a preview of the first lamps installed, it is possible to appreciate the absence of parasitic curve of the parabola of light reflected on the wall, synonymous with great quality, and the excellent visual comfort, thanks to an accurate design of the positioning of the optics in the lamp body.



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