Integrated project

Integrated project

Architectonic planning

Kino Workshop comes from a planning method which focuses the attention on the mankind and its needs. Technology, research and experimentation are put at the service of well-being and social- housing comfort, with great attention to eco-sustainability and energy saving. It is thus an architecture not exclusively shape-oriented, but one that gives substance to the real needs of life; one that never proposes standard solutions but that struggles to meet every need in the most suitable way. This gives birth to integrated and customized solutions, one different from the other, with just one common denominator: enhancing the quality of life.


Light architecture.

The architect has, even more nowadays, extraordinary planning tools, when it comes to light , both natural and artificial. Kino Workshop planning challenge consists in maximizing the use of natural light, which is the one fitting best to human well being, and in permitting a great limitation of electrical energy requirements. Nonetheless, energy saving and visual comfort can be obtained by a masterly use of the artificial lighting systems, combining high brightness efficiency and low consumption. Kino Workshop boasts a remarkable technical preparation and a high lighting engineering skills, because of the constant dialogue with the leading companies of the field, and of the experience gained confronting itself with lots of important orders ( namely, The Pecci Museum of Contemporary Arts in Prato). At Kino Workshop’s Headquarters, all up- to- date innovations in matter of lighting are installed and tested, to explore their possible uses and verify the possibility of integration with other systems. A continuous experimentation generating a knowledge heritage applied on projects for direct clients and also offered to architects, engineers, outsourced designers, and fitting companies to which Kino Workshop provides specialized planning services, within the scope of profitable mutual cooperation.

​Systems integration

​Systems integration: client-oriented and user-friendly project

Kino Workshop, engineering company, enriches its own staff with a team of system engineers. Their task is to create a mathematical-planned model, which is after implemented on the field, using the best technologies on the market, and very often, customizing and integrating them with one another. So, there are no constraints to just one single brand or proprietary protocols: Kino Workshop chooses in the utmost independence the most technologically evolved products, which are the most adequate to planning needs. Personalized solutions which are also extremely user-friendly are born this way. They automatically integrate natural and artificial light, places in which clean and processed air is put into the environment without human intervention, houses in which technology can be discreetly managed by an iPad, even from remote spots.

Structural analysis

Technologies for the future, for a correct recovering of the past

To offer public and private clients a wide range of services, Kino Workshop started a partnership with a staff of expert engineers, certified in the control and structural development of the existing buildings. Kino Workshop is therefore capable to provide, at its own Headquarters, integrated and innovative services of architecture, consultancy and engineering based on site-specific investigation, non-destructive testing (NDT) and accurate geotechnical and structural analysis. Considered the extent of the historicized architectural heritage in Italy, renovation of vintage building is a frequent activity. In this case, the sets of exams, trials, and surveys aimed at finding and identifying possible structural faults of the building are carried out by Kino along with its Partners, above all using non-invasive tools and methods, like thermography, magnetometry, ultrasonic trials, sclerometric trials, on site controls on mortars and monitoring of the cracking boards. A method and a vision always projected into the future is a further way to show how Kino Workshop knows how to merge sensibility and respect for the past.

Product Design

Product design: applied research and attention to detail

During its activity, Kino Workshop has developed and engineered several serial projects on behalf of companies operating in various areas: from eye-laser, to electromedical appliances, lamps, furniture, sofas. The common trait of these projects is the passion and attention to detail, joined with the research of the most innovative materials, without overlooking the formal aspect and being always respectful of the Italian design values.

Sensory architecture

People-oriented spaces

The human body architecture is the most complex and marvelous of all: it transforms and adapts itself to reach the highest psycho-physical state, with all the senses interacting with one another. Kino Workshop’s architecture is not simply an eye’s delight: it designs spaces for living, dwelling, working, taking into account man’s polysensorial processes, creating coexistence of sensations that link the environment built to our bodily perceptions. An architecture you can measure not only with the eyes, but also with the movement, the touch, the smell; an architecture that includes both the natural and the artificial side at their best, stimulating the senses and setting off the human body potential.

Sustainable architecture

Building well-being, reducing the impact on the environment

The choices Kino Workshop applies on projects, mitigate functional needs, energy efficiency and aesthetic impact in the context, favoring technological innovation most of all. The finally reached social- awareness of the limitedness of environmental resources, has triggered interesting fields of research , already offering products which are innovative, effective and suitable to grant an ecological-sustainable building type. Kino’s goal is to plan buildings at a low environmental impact, reducing energetic demand and therefore meeting the needs of the current generations without compromising the future of the next to come. There are many accomplished examples, namely among all, its Headquarters, an experimentation workshop, in which some of the principal elements of sustainable architecture are implemented: “short supply chain” and bioecological materials, insulation of the building envelope, photovoltaic panels englobed into the building, enlightening bodies connected with natural light detectors through electronic systems measuring illumination level, modulating the intensity of the lamps, on the basis of the light coming from the outside.

Interior design

Shape and function in interior design

Backed by a 20-year-old know-how in the interior architecture field, Kino Workshop can count on a perfect matching between shape and function, i.e., its driving force. Through unceasing interaction with the client, both private and public, and through the application of the results of the research carried out in its labs, it offers original solutions, mixing technology and pleasant design in a perfect blend. The execution is assigned to qualified craftsmen, selected on the basis of the single order, that realize the project under direct control of Kino Workshop, so to satisfy the most demanding clients.

Research and development

Kino Workshop, a crossroads of professionalism

Since its outset, Kino Workshop’s Headquarters has been seen as the destination of university teachers, system engineers and researchers in various fields, called to participate in the creation of the products, conceived by its internal structure. Everyone puts their skills and know-how at disposal to contribute to the research of innovative and multidisciplinary solutions, that after being prototyped and thoroughly tested, are implemented in the construction sites, overseen by Kino. An operational method that makes Kino Workshop more than an architects’ office, but a real lab of ideas.

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