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Can the passage of time marked by the light of a candle be equal to that marked by the light of an LED?

Clepsydris (aka clepsydra) is a table lamp designed and built by Kino Workshop; an experiment that seeks to imply a “point” of reflection in those who observe it and live it. In certain respects, it is anthropological research into the evolutionary history of mankind’s daily habits. A dichotomy between nature and artifice; places in contradiction and at the same time inextricably linked by a metaphysical sign.

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The lamp was conceived in two different versions:

– the first version MONO looks like a single cylinder, 400mm tall and 55mm across, half LED and half oil lamp;

– the second version DUO instead contains the same two elements of the first, but disconnected from each other and resting on an aluminum tray.
Both versions are made of a white enameled aluminum drum with glass where the light is emitted. The lamp, therefore, can be utilised in various ways: lighting the wick or the LED, or both, according to the quantity of light or ambience desired. In the MONO version, you need only turn it over to change effect.


Clepsydris is a lamp without cords, rechargeable by lithium battery. It is incredibly versatile in its use, given that it is possible to shift and move it about as desired. Thanks to the combination of oil lamp and LED, both controlled by a simple button, one can easily create at least three different lighting scenarios:

  • lit flame / LED on
  • spent flame / LED on
  • lit flame / LED off

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Lampada clepsidrys - Kino Workshop

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