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About us

Kino workshop

Creator of ideas

Kino Workshop was first founded by Bernardo D’Ippolito as an architects’ study. Then it extended its frontiers to include both the commercial sector and all areas of design and so transform itself into a real “factory” where skills and specializations of design and architecture could meet. Its headquarters, a multifunctional space in the harbor area of Porta Napoli in Taranto, host an applied research lab and a design workshop and a gallery where all the products made and supplied by Kino are displayed and where meetings and events are held.

This space is open to experimentation and innovation. It is where many of the innovative solutions proposed by the Lab are tried out and where there is a perfect blending of imagination and practical execution – both core features of the Kino Workshop.

Integration of skills and ideas - our philosophy

Kino Workshop consists of a team of planners, architects, and systems engineers who work in direct contact with light designers and artists. All the staff are supported by a team of sales persons, accountants,and obviously installers.

Their different areas of expertise perfectly mingle with each other, driven as they are by the same passion for physical space, which they see as an evolving never ending project of transformation. This synergy permits the separate professional skills to merge and gives birth to an integrated project – the result of a unified thought. This enhances the quality, the safety and the livability of the spaces and meets the client’s ever evolving needs. This adds great value to all the projects.

One interlocutor, from start to finish

The planning stage is just the first phase of Kino Workshop’s work. It prides itself on being in charge of the entire execution of the project and takes care of all the aspects from the engineering plant to the building industry. This is because it uses skilled professionals and experienced artisans who are evenly distributed throughout Italy. But that is not all. It pays particular attention to the products on the market, analyses the most pioneering proposals and absorbs them carefully within the project. All of this permits Kino Workshop to combine the various technologic components, to use appropriate economies of scale and offers the client the advantage of interacting with just one interlocutor and the certainty that what has been planned will be implemented with great care.

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The Founder

Bernardo D'Ippolito

Bernardo D’Ippolito was born in Taranto on 21st. October 1965. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at "La Sapienza" University in Rome in 1990 with a dissertation on the "Restoration of the Papal Arsenal in Trastevere" which was subsequently published. D’Ippolito qualified as an architect and enrolled on the Architects’ Register in the Province of Taranto on 6th. September 1991. He then decided to go back to his hometown and to lay the basis of what would soon become the Kino Workshop, an engineering firm dedicated to XXX In 2001 he set up the Kino Workshop srl, of which he became the CEO. With Kino Workshop, he designed and carried out various projects for public and private clients. However, stimulated by the urge to widen both his commercial and design horizons, he started a research project dedicated to the sensorial perception of "LIGHT" as the fourth architectonic dimension in DATA. In 2008 he enrolled on the Journalists' special register in order to run a magazine produced by the Kino Workshop, dedicated to architecture. Throughout his professional life he has received various prestigious assignments such as lighting engineering lecturer for a post-graduate master’s degree in the Bari School of Arts and after joining the Italian Association of Light Engineers (APIL) in 2009 he was invited by Milan's Cosmit to lecture in a Workshop on Light during the Euroluce exhibition. Kino Workshop promotes competitions so that young professionals’ and students’ ideas can be produced and contribute to “Sustainability and Integration” through the conservation of energy. Kino Workshop is a real laboratory which explores the philosophies of Light and experiments with alternative energy solutions, system integration and energy saving. It communicates these to interested parties highlighting not only the usefulness of these solutions but also their cost-effectiveness.


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