June 2019

A garden and beyond

One day a new client asks us to create a private terrace: she wanted greenery, then a shower, then a closet, then .......
Thus, a discrete roof garden was born among the geometries of the synthesized EPS basins, between lights and shadows, between a basil seedling and a pomegranate tree, but in harmony with three adjectives that are fundamental for us to be defined as "hanging" at the same time:
Light: the overloads often ignored by the suspended green, often ignored, generated disasters like the one in Rome a few years ago. We used two extremely useful and light materials; Noble soil duly mixed with inert volcanic origin nourish the plant, four times lighter than the usual soil. Containers suitably customized for the place because different plants grow in different geometries but with a load of just 20kg per mc;
Harmonious: the hedge as a perspective barrier, the Olive tree as a symbol of peace and the aromatic plants as a splendid nourishment for Mediterranean cuisine, together make up a visual and olfactory symphony;
Sustainable: the material of the tanks, besides being light, is one of the best thermal insulators and together with the environmental microclimate generated by irrigation water and plants, they allow the respect of very high parameters of efficient house.
Kino Workshop continues in the path of the integrated project, starting from the project to get to the complete work.
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