Fabiana Spose store space restyling
Ottobre 2014

New life for a historic center store

Every time after a project, seen a thousand times and analyzed on a computer monitor, in the press of a project board or a list of operations, comes to the realization of all the efforts and to the conclusion of the work, the joy we feel gives us the feeling of having started just yesterday thinking about how to realize the dream of the customer.

In this restructuring, in particular, the sensation was not too dissimilar from reality, from first draft to the date of the inauguration in fact only six months have passed and to respond to the needs expressed by the client, for most of these the store has been able, however, to continue its activity resulted in a more demanding distribution of work activities.

The restyling project was not limited to a slight brush up on make-up: it was a deep change of space and volume that has tripled spaces, redefining, furnishing and completing these spaces with customized solutions or through the provision of more sophisticated design elements.

The light maple of customized fornitures is contaminated with bronze glass that conceals a brilliant secret. The "Galss Boiserie", the steps of the staircase and many other glass elements hint at a romantic embroidery achieved through the inclusion of a refined and original metallic fabric that recalls the manufacture of textiles and tailoring finest.

The attention to detail and the desire to to preserve an elegant and relaxing atmosphere, led to every choice made proceeding hand in hand with the desire of the customer who wanted to reserve its customers the joy of choosing the most important dress of life in a place that you can remember for life.

In the Gallery you can find some pictures of the new commercial space "Fabiana Spose" in Taranto.

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