Marzo 2014

Energy saving and interior design in a newly renovated apartment in Taranto

It was only last October when the work necessary to give a new life to this apartment had started.
A couple of months of planning and analysis preceded the first operation of demolition but, in accordance with the thoroughly studied and designed to meet the needs of the client, since that time, we had clear objective to be achieved and in no time, in addition to.
The efforts of the Kino Workshop focused on a series of interventions that have ranged from a new distribution of spaces and environments to provide original solutions and the highest quality floor and wall coverings for furniture, made ​​entirely bespoke, passing for the complete overhaul of all existing plants and for the supply and installation of appliances technologically advanced and energy-saving.
Particular attention was paid to what was designed to retrain in terms of energy expenditure of the apartment from the supply of a new heating and air conditioning systems of the latest generation, the installation of new windows with thermal break, but part of taking care of the resolution of all thermal bridges. These actions led to an improvement in performance certificate that is separated by three classes of energy compared with that at the start allowing our customer to be able to save around € 1,000 per year of natural gas and about € 200 a year for electricity dedicated household appliances in Class A + And the light, which as led, enables high-value quality lighting.
The images in the gallery enclose the result of all the efforts made in the last four months of a job he has reiterated in the best way our vocation to design and make getting to the "turnkey". We are proud to share with our readers.
Some Products used:
Floor coverings: Microcemento Spatolato
Window frames: Schueco AWS 60
Recessed lights: LED Kreon Aplis wallwaher and down light
Sliding door: Lualdi Spa
Cabinets and appliances: Siemens
Cooling System: Riello inverter
Furniture and interior doors: Kino workshop design
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