Settembre 2014

The "Luigi Pecci" Museum in Prato reached its first milestone

On the eve of the date of delivery of the first batch of enlargement of the Museo Pecci in Prato, Kino Workshop is happy to share with you the result of all this effort for many years as our engineering firm was engaged and involved, for skills lighting, the Municipality of Prato.
The challenge undertaken, thanks to the provocations of the project visionary Dutch architect Maurice Nio, was to mix the natural light and artificial light with the help of systems that were not ordinary windows to avoid distraction dell'avventore in the contemplation of the works of art, with the exception of only four points of view dedicated to the vision of the external works.
The use of Solatube, a sort of collection system of natural light, supplemented with artificial lighting systems with home automation algorithms, has enabled the museum to be always peerfettamente and evenly lit in the display surface of 1,700 square meters with a constant dimming of natural light and artificial.
The exhibition lighting solution has therefore provided a tracking system on rails placed along the ridges of the spans in steel with high-performance optics to control DALI, while the outer parts dedicated to the passage of the patrons were studied special beams technological perforated sheet that argue fluorescent lamps wallwasher that make perfectly illuminated vertical surfaces without any dazzling effect for the visitor.
On the ground floor dedicated to the entrance foyer, the collection of plaster casts, to the refreshment bar and bookshop, artificial light has been designed with a vein much more furnishing and emotional. If you feel coming from a cascade of light warm white or cool white, from a massive circular area called the "moon", entirely lit by fluorescent lighting assembly DALI, which supplies blood to the scale and the reception desk, along the paths around, since in the bookshop and restaurant, a repeated series of Bubble RGB (with polychrome circular chandeliers) are the contours of emotional and bright and draw rimticamente space.
Outside the museum instead you are making in the second phase of work that will begin this fall and will end with the third and fourth batch dedicated to the restoration of the old museum and the parking areas of the visitors for whom this time the Kino Workshop was commissioned to make a contribution for lighting.
We are pleased to share with you all the next step of this important international architecturework.
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