Maggio 2014

SEEDS OF LIGHT - Kino Workshop Among the speakers at the workshop organized by FAF in Florence

From May 30 to June 5, Kino Workshop, in the person of the architect Bernardo D'Ippolito as lighting specialist and technical coordinator, will participate in the workshop "SEEDS OF LIGHT - The immaterial in the solid state", edited by the Foundation Architects Florence and Dutch architect Maurice Nio.
Kino Workshop is particularly honored to have been invited to report at an event like this because it is extremely similar with the nature of a laboratory of ideas that has always been part of our Mission . The importance given to light, natural and / or artificial , which element detector and regenerator of the forgotten places of our city , makes the proposed work of great interest, in particular the attention given to those that can be defined as new forms , or rather, shapes , of light sources, topic always central to our work .
The free participation workshop, will be held at the Ex Leopoldine hall in Tasso square in Florence and will have as theme of the entire event the deepening of the light, in its most innovative forms and as an element, natural and artificial, of revelation and regeneration for suffering and forgotten places of our country.
The results of the 5 -day workshop will be reprocessed by the tutor Maurice Nio and the FAF and then be presented in a draft summary report to the Palazzina Reale , the new headquarters of the Order of Architects of Florence.

Seeds of light

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