Aprile 2012

"Energy Factory" Lab

About the end of 2011, Kino Workshop was called by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics of the Polytechnic of Bari to make a project proposal for the resettlement of the Energy Factory Lab. This challenge proved to be a challenge among the most important and challenging.

The design for the intervention and the transformation of an old industrial shed has seen the Kino Workshop engaged in these months in an attempt to move between the intent of preserving what can be defined as Industrial Archaeology and, at the same time, the need to reinvent it, actualize it and give it a new, social and energetically autonomous, life.

It is about 14,000 square meters, which are redesigned according to an ever deeper commitment of space, whether working or relaxing.
In the highest part of the structure were designed unique spaces and offices that are lit by large windows, and beneath these, laboratories that are illuminated by natural light while being placed in the lower part of the structure.
But above all, comes a courtyard, a green, transit or stopover space, which connects the two opposing areas of the shed and taking light from large windows on the sides and the air from the old roof of the shed, now equipped with solar roof and carefully dissected and raised to allow the passage of natural air.

Thus was born a microcosm of technological self, with all the comfort and environmental sustainability that make these workshops a jewel of architecture fully integrated into the urban context of the regional capital.

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