Workshop of integrated architecture

June 2019

{readmorelink}A garden and beyond {/readmorelink}

One day a new client asks us to create a private terrace: she wanted greenery, then a shower, then a closet, then .......Thus, a discrete roof garden was born among the geometries of the synthesized EPS basins, between lights and shadows, between a basil seedling and a pomegranate tree, but in harmony with three adjectives that are fundamental for us to be defined as "hanging" at the same time:

Luglio 2015

{readmorelink}Museo Pecci - interview with three protagonists of the extension project of the structure.{/readmorelink}

An interesting episode of "Made in Italy", with an in-depth interview focuses on three protagonists of the architectural design for the expansion of the museum, provides a detailed overview of the dynamics that led to the project designed by architect Maurice Nio and conception light design made by our architect Bernardo D'Ippolito, necessary to better enhance the project. Technical details on solar duct Solatube, installed in the new building, are provided by Lorenzo Gallo of Infinity Motion.Watch the full video of the episode

Ottobre 2014

{readmorelink}New life for a historic center store{/readmorelink}

Fabiana Spose, a historical retail brand in Taranto, has entrusted Kino Workshop's new make-up of his shop that has been operating for forty years. The project was extremely complex structural problems relating to the merger estate and expanded the structure until tripling the surface. A careful design of space reconstruction based on the color choice, the correct lighting, the choice of materials was completed in only four months of operation, and October 23 of this year there has been a sober yet elegant inaugural event theme.

Settembre 2014

{readmorelink}The "Luigi Pecci" Museum in Prato reached its first milestone{/readmorelink}

Reaches its first milestone the Pecci Museum in Prato. Kino Workshop has contributed his lighting skills.

Maggio 2014

{readmorelink}SEEDS OF LIGHT - Kino Workshop Among the speakers at the workshop organized by FAF in Florence{/readmorelink}

From May 30 to June 5, Kino Workshop, in the person of the architect Bernardo D'Ippolito as lighting specialist and technical coordinator, will participate in the workshop "SEEDS OF LIGHT - The immaterial in the solid state", edited by the Foundation Architects Florence and Dutch architect Maurice Nio. The free participation workshop, will be held at the Ex Leopoldine hall in Tasso square in Florence and will have as theme of the entire event the deepening of the light, in its most innovative forms and as an element, natural and artificial, of revelation and regeneration for suffering and forgotten places of our country. The focus of the workshop is the Garden of Peace, which is the garden of the High School of Art at Porta Romana in Florence.

Marzo 2014

{readmorelink} Energy saving and interior design in a newly renovated apartment in Taranto {/readmorelink}

After completing the work on the renovation of a large apartment near the center of Taranto.Interventions designed and built have ranged from building renovations to upgrading the energy efficiency, the development of custom-made furniture for the provision of internal and external fixtures of the highest quality. In the images attached to the testimony, and the result of work done in record time.

Ottobre 2012

{readmorelink}KINO WORKSHOP FOR Sitael - Mola di Bari (BA){/readmorelink}

Kino Workshop delivers the experimental design for the new headquarters of Sitael S.p.A. (Mermec Group)

Giugno 2012

{readmorelink}The light that respects tradition and celebrates well-being. {/readmorelink}

Kino Workshop has recently completed an intervention in an ancient "Trullo" in the countryside of Fasano (BR).

Giugno 2012

{readmorelink}Kino Workshop has qualified as a thermographer at the second level.{/readmorelink}

These days, Kino Workshop, in the person of Arch. Bernard D'Ippolito, has obtained the certificate for thermographer at the second level and can then proceed with the release of any type of thermography certification following the directions of the law contained in the European standard EN 473.

Aprile 2012

{readmorelink}"Energy Factory" Lab{/readmorelink}

The transformation of an old industrial building with a perspective of sustainability and energy independence.

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